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We offer Spanish Courses designed to enable students to immerse in the local culture and to confidently involve themselves in any Spanish-speaking society.

The classes start every Monday throughout the year. They generally take place every morning in average groups of three with a limit of seven students. Courses are taught by native Spanish-speaking teachers highly experienced at all of the following levels, into which students are initially tested.

Classes make use of topics oriented to intercultural learning and promoting tolerance and respect for diversity. Our classes are also used to share the distinct aspects of social life in our country.

We offer several options to satisfy the needs of each student.

1) Crash Immersion Course
In the first weeks, students are frequently more focused on adapting and settling down in their new environment. Therefore, this 10-hour-a-week program is the course we recommend for recently arrived students. Moreover, this course is mainly focused on conversation which is key to build up the student’s confidence in her/his ability to communicate with local people. Once students have adapted to their new environment they can decide to change to a program that covers more hours.

2) Intensive Course
These courses are designed for those who wish to learn in a more intensive classroom setting, combined with social and cultural activities that allow them to practice their skills. The 20-hour-a-week program covers all aspects of learning a language (speaking, reading, listening and writing) with a special emphasis in development of each student’s communication abilities. The goal is to teach each student to communicate effectively in real-life situations.

3) Immersion Course
The immersion course consists of lessons that aim at developing the language skills of speaking, writing, reading and listening and the use of language in real contexts of use, taking into account aspects such as social appropriateness. The Immersion course combines 20 hours of group lessons plus 5 hours of private lessons per week where students reinforce the class content.

4) Super-Intensive Course
This course is more intensive as students learn the language and accomplish a higher level of proficiency within a shorter period of time. These classes combine the experience of group lessons (20 hours per week) with individual lessons (10 hours per week). The group lessons will review general content together with your classmates. In the individual classes students reinforce the group class content and work on their weakest areas through conversations related to themes of their choosing.

Cultural Immersion
As part of your Spanish course and in order to achieve a better understanding of the language and culture in Argentina, we include twice a week visits to historic sites within the city such as museums, parks, etc. These trips are planned with each student’s current level of Spanish in mind and range from outings to local clothing stores, supermarkets and restaurants to museums and cultural centers.

Tango and Spanish
With whichever course you choose, you have the option to take two tango classes a week for free, which are given by experienced tango instructors. Tango classes open the door to the world of dance for which Argentina is known and allow you to meet new people and enjoy your stay here in Córdoba even more.

Volunteer and Internship OpportunitiesnIf you are coming to Argentina to learn Spanish but want to get involved in more activities and enrich your experience while at the same time helping those who need it most or fulfilling academic requirements, you have the option to work on a volunteer or internship project through AFOS.


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