IW is located in Palermo, one of the finest areas in Buenos Aires. We offer Spanish lessons in very small groups or one on one to students, professionals and travelers. No matter the age of the student, we have the perfect course for every need, from one-to-one lessons that last between 1,5 hours and 2 hours the lesson, to lessons in small groups that go from 4 to 2 hours per day. Because our groups are very small, students have the opportunity to actually practice their communication skills, and our out-of-class lessons help students interact with the locals and practice their Spanish in meaningful contexts. IW also offers excursions to the different regions in Argentina such as Mendoza, Iguassu or Bariloche, and different free or low-cost activities in Buenos Aires such as walking tours and wine tasting to explore and feel the city like a porteño. Last but not least, teachers at IW are all university graduate with a vast experience in teaching Spanish to people from all around the world.

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