Patagonia School Misiones

Patagonia School Misiones is located in the heart of El dorado city, just 100 km from Iguazu Falls. It´s near all main banks, post office and Civic Centre. Here restaurants, bars and pubs near it. The school has four big and comfortable classrooms, with Cd players, TV, DVD or video recorder all of them have air conditioning. There are computers connected to Internet too. Our teachers are all professionals.
Our language school has 20 years of experience teaching languages, (English, Portuguese, and Spanish). The method is highly personalized, with the using movies, audio recordings and all the resources that students need to improve their learning, having as well the option to study at the waterfalls or any of the beautiful landscapes in Misiones.

Our Spanish Courses includes:

Level evaluation

Study materials

After School activities

Final certificate

In Patagonia School Misiones you can study Spanish in a way that is fast and easy, while enjoying the unique landscape of Misiones. Our programs are organized into 12 levels. The objective is for you to learn in depth the Spanish language.


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