Pylmon Barcelona is a language school specialized in teaching Spanish courses for foreigners. These courses are accredited by El Instituto Cervantes.

Our students come from all over the world to learn Spanish and live the unforgettable Barcelona experience. Our main objective in Pylmon Barcelona is to offer them the best combination of leisure and learning.

In Pylmon Barcelona, we’re very proud of the quality of our teaching and our Institute of Cervantes accreditation that guarantees it.

The Academic department is made up of the Academic Coordinator of Spanish and the teaching staff.

All our teachers are university graduated (in philology, history, literature, …) and have been specifically trained to teach Spanish as a Foreign Language. They also have a master’s degree in Spanish for Foreigners, which guarantees their competence as excellent educators. For a better running of the courses, the Academic Department organizes a weekly meeting in order to monitor the students’ progress.

The Academic Coordinator, works every week on preparing the most adaptable classes possible. All the classes are taught on the basis of the communicative approach, a methodology that focuses on the practice of the language trough dynamic activities that encourage the use of the language in a daily context. That’s why we use a variety of games, outing activities and fun resources to make sure the student learns the language in the most practical way.

In Pylmon Barcelona, we believe that learning Spanish goes hand in hand with discovering the country’s culture. That’s why the Spanish culture, in its wide sense, is also very present in all our courses.


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