Escuela Bellavista

Del Arzobispo 0605

Santiago (Chile)


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“Learning Languages is Better Among Friends”

Why study Spanish in Bellavista?

– We are certified professionals

At Escuela Bellavista all of our professors are certified and specialize in teaching Spanish as a foreign language! Lidia, Boris, Yuri, Vanesa, Cathy, Catalina, Natalia, Carolina, Sebastián, Cristina, Fernando and jarka have worked together for more than 21 years.

– You are part of our Family

At Escuela Bellavista we want you to feel like you are part of the family. We strive to create a warm and friendly environment in every classroom. We are known for our small group classes of no more than 6 people per group. This allows us to offer personalized attention to each student ensuring their understanding and success in the language.

– Our personalized teaching method

Our classes are adapted to the student’s level and his interests. We prepare our own lessons so that we can bring additional personalized materials to our students. Our teaching concept incorporates both written and oral exercises to help the student understand and learn more efficiently.

– Free Activities to practice your Spanish

If you are practicing, you are learning. Our courses include weekly extracurricular activities that are free of charge for all of our students. We offer salsa classes, excursions to different points of interest in Santiago, and after school grammar courses all designed to provide the student with opportunities to connect what they have learned in the classroom to real life situations in Chile.

– Spanish conversation policy

The classes are in Spanish and Spanish only. Students are encouraged to practice their conversational skills by speaking only in Spanish to each other and to their teachers. The extra curricular activities and the mid-day break are oriented to practice Spanish in everyday situations. This policy has been proven to be an excellent method.

– Free Books, movies, and internet

The school provides free internet access, VHS and DVD videos, various books, magazines, and music. It is our sincere hope that each student will benefit from what we have to offer, not only in learning Spanish but also in increasing the knowledge of Chile and the rest of Latin America.

We warmly recommend our students to participate in a “total immersion program”, combining Spanish courses with extracurricular activities, weekend excursions, volunteer work, professional internships, or living with Chilean families, including those of our very own professors!

Let us be a part of your Chile experience!

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