We are giving Spanish classes to interested volunteers and our prices are very competitive on the market: just $7 individual classes “one-to-one”.

Our Spanish school is located in a very attractive and comparatively safe part of central Quito called “La Mariscal”.

All the teachers of our school have an experience for over 15 years teaching Spanish to foreign students, who generally come to Ecuador to do their volunteering here in social or ecological projects.

We are teaching in Quito, Puerto Lopez the Amazonian jungle and Galápagos Islands.

If you are interested in a closer collaboration with us, we would like to offer a special Spanish preparatory course to your volunteers. Our goal is that your volunteers acquire basic Spanish skills and also improve their Spanish which is the key for every nice volunteer experience.

Before coming to Ecuador the volunteers could take a Spanish Online-course in our school from their home. Normally these classes cost $10/60 minutes; we would offer a special discount to your volunteers: just $9/ 60 minutes Online-classes with Skype video and audio.

We would be very happy to collaborate with you and hope to hear from you soon.

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