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Quito (Ecuador)

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The best Spanish school in Ecuador

Why learn Spanish in Quito and in our school?

Quito, capital of Ecuador is known as one of the best cities to learn Spanish because we speak slowly and our pronunciation is easy to understand. The Pichincha School began its work in the year 1988 being one of the first institutions created to provide the foreign visitor the experience of knowing and living the Ecuadorian culture by learning the Spanish language.

During this time the school Pichincha has remained one of the best educational institutions in Spanish thanks to the high quality of its teachers and its excellent curricula that adapt according to the needs of our students, with grading programs, classes of Spanish doctor, preparation for college entrance exams, Spanish volunteer, executive programs, etc.

Our school also offers accommodation services in Ecuadorian families, cultural activities inside and outside the city, Spanish courses in Costa and Selva del Ecuador, shuttle service, information and help to plan your trips.

ONE TO ONE COURSES We have flexible course depending on the time schedule and needs of each student, classes start any day of the week, we have hours in the morning and in the afternoon we also have classes on Saturdays. We work with 5 levels of Spanish. Courses can be at least one week to 8 weeks (regular course) with times of 2-5 hours per day. For the process of learning of our language is efficient at each level grammar skills are taught, written exercises, oral, vocabulary, idioms, with the use of videos and audios. Giving priority to the conversation so that students develop their knowledge naturally and spontaneously in any situation. We consider that our students also want to know our culture and fabulous places that the city of Quito so we have our active classes where each student is directly involved with your teacher outside of school visiting museums, craft markets, cultural centers and other Quito sites that make the perfect city to live. Most of our teachers have university degrees as Lic. In Science Education, we also have teachers who have degrees in other fields as psychology, environment, management and tourism, experience and human qualities of our staff will make your stay in our school is the best time to take into Ecuador. MINI GROUPS This course is designed for couples or friends who want to share the same class, the program also adapts to the times and needs of students with the difference that this course has a lower cost. Students are recommended to have a similar level of Spanish. Each lesson lasts 55 minutes. COURSES FOR GROUPS This option is aimed at groups of schools, universities and companies. The minimum number of students is 3 and a maximum of 15 per class. The class schedule for this course depends on the level of students, class schedules can be 2-4 hours per day in the morning or afternoon. Each lesson lasts 55 minutes. For this course we have special prices. CLASSES AT HOME For students that due to work or time can not attend our school we have this option where a teacher will go to where the student needs to receive its class, the minimum time for this course is 2 hours, each hour of class It lasts 55 minutes and the cost per hour is $ 16 US $.
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