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Educación Para Todos has been devoted to Spanish Language education in Quetzaltenango since 1991. We offer one of the best programs in town. With our emphasis on quality Spanish Language education, trained and professional teaching staff, friendly and accommodating families and diverse calendar of activities and events, we guarantee your satisfaction!

To ensure that you receive the best experience possible, we hold the following as our most important goals:

1. To teach students to speak, read and write Spanish while experiencing cultural, social, and political aspects of Guatemala and all Latin America.Spanish school guatemala

2. To create jobs for teachers at fair wages and provide supplemental income tot he families of Quetzaltenango.

3. To train teachers to be able to teach the Spanish Language effectively to open doors of opportunity for them.

4. To offer students a more enriching and fulfilling experience by getting them involved in volunteer opportunities.

5. To assist local organizations by acting as a link between volunteers and the organizations in need, and by supporting, organizing and developing projects that address political, social, agricultural, medical and cultural issues in and around the Quetzaltenango area.

Spanish school guatemalaTo meet these goals, Educación para Todos: Spanish Language School and Volunteer Center was developed. Our program provides the most effective learning experience by immersing the student in the language and culture of Guatemala. This is achieved through an intensive, 5- hour one-on-one study program, living with a Guatemalan family, volunteering with a local organization, and weekly-organized cultural, social and political events.

We are dedicated to doing our best to ensure a great experience for you! We are very flexible and willing to work with students as they make their plans to study with us. We are able to work with students with special needs. We specialize in those students that are looking for more than just Spanish classes. Let us help you have the language learning experience that you are looking for! Spanish school guatemala

Educación para Todos is recognized by the Ministerio de Educación of Guatemala and by INGUAT, the Instituto Guatemalteca de Turismo. Educación para Todos is a member of ACEEQ, Asociación Coordinadora de Escuelas de Español de Quetzaltenango.

Our Spanish Language Program is at the core of your Guatemalan experience. We are dedicated to offering the most effective Spanish language study program. We maintain a high level of professionalism and teaching capacity among our teaching team. Our teaching staff receives an 8-week intensive teaching course as well as refresher courses during their time with us. We train our team in various teaching methodologies and inter-personal relationships.

Our program includes 5 hours a day of one-on-one intensive instruction. There are two sessions held daily. One in the morning from 8:00am to 1:00pm and one in the afternoon from 2:00pm to 7:00pm. Students may choose between either the Spanish School Guatemalamorning or afternoon session. (Please indicate your preferred session when you apply). In addition, there are daily activities that allow students to learn more about the culture, customs, history, politics and societies of Guatemala and all Latin America. These activities are in the form of documentaries, trips, movies, round table discussions and conferences.

You will be evaluated the first day of class to determine your level of Spanish. Then you together with your teacher will develop a study plan that reflects your needs, interests and expectations. To expose the students to different teaching styles and ideas, the teachers are rotated each week.nnWe have various teaching materials including grammar and exercise books with explanations in several languages, including Spanish, English, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish. The teachers use these materials to supplement their teaching and to give the students practice exercises and homework. The students are also welcome to take these materials home and use them as long as necessary. Our Spanish Language Program is divided into three parts – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Our classes may be adapted for any level of learner. The complete program takes approximately 8 weeks of study.

In addition to our curriculum, which is the general curriculum for the school, we offer specific curriculum plans for groups of people or individuals with more specific interests and needs

This is a plan created specifically for professionals in the areas of Social Science and Medicine, who desire to study the Spanish language in order to incorporate Spanish into their practice or profession. The present curriculum contains three important components:

a) Grammar, vocabulary, and exercises that are adapted to each individual, which come from the Social Sciences and Medicine.

b) The student will work with a Spanish teacher, who is also a University professional with knowledge in the field of Medicine or Social Science.

c) The student will be able to do volunteer work related to a branch of the Social Sciences or in a medical clinic.

Spanish School GuatemalaThe Spanish Language School “Educación Para Todos” has the ability and experience to work with small or large groups. Within this plan, we have the capacity to organize activities to satisfy the specific interests or needs of each group, for example: travel information, conferences, cultural activities, politics, social issues, and sports. In addition, there may also be a group discount, depending on the number of students that come and the length of their study. This plan also works with the method one on one.

The school has the experience, the teachers, and the necessary materials to teach Spanish to children as young as four years of age. We have the capacity to place entire families in home stay with our Guatemalan families. Furthermore, we can plan schedules, which accommodate parents being able to study without having to leave their children behind.


1) On the first Monday of your classes, you will be taken to meet your family at your new “home”. Staying with a Guatemalan family is one of the most important parts of the language/culture experience. Living in a Guatemalan home, you will be practicing your newly acquired language skills from the moment you wake up until you go to bed. We seek families that treat students like an additional member of the family, inviting them to take part in daily activities and conversation. The families are asked to provide you with a private room, a desk with a lamp for studying and three meals a day (including weekends). If students arrive a few days early, they may stay with the family until their classes begin for a small daily fee.

Most of our families have been with the school for many years and have experience with having foreigners in their homes. They all take the necessary precautions with cooking and handling food. They are also able to cook based on the student’s dietary needs, for example vegetarians, lactose intolerant, etc.

2) Staying in the class all day does get tiring. It also does not allow for our students to enjoy the beauty of nature and culture that Quetzaltenango and Guatemala has to offer. To help with this, we organize weekly activities and trips. These activities are in the form of movies, lectures, documentaries and group lessons. We also take hikes to indigenous villages, visit many area NGO’s and meet with local community organizations.

For those that want to see more of the surrounding area and enjoy the beauty of the land and people, the school also takes weekly excursions such as volcano hikes and trips to the beach, hot springs, hot baths, steam baths and area markets. Some of the places that we visit are:
Mayan Ruins at Abaj Takalik
Beach at Champerico
Hike La Muela
Las Fuentes Georginas Hot Springs
La Leguna de Chicabal Crater Lake
Villa Alicia Swimming PoolnMariposario and Lake at Panajachel
Markets at San Francisco el Alto, Momostenango and Totonicapán

The cost of attending our school is:
$140.00/Week from September thru May (If you study 6 weeks or more $130.00/Week)
$150.00/Week from June thru August (If you study 3 weeks or more $140.00/week).
These prices include the cost of your classes, housing with a Guatemalan family, three meals a day (including weekends), school activities and services. You can pay in US dollars, Guatemalan Quetzals or travelers checks.nnHow to enroll at Educacion Para Todos?

Spanish School Guatemala VolunteeringTo enroll each student must submit an application and a one time (non-refundable) $30.00 US registration fee. This fee guarantees your enrollment in the school and your room for 7 days with a Guatemalan Family. This fee is used to help offset some necessary school expenses (ie print advertising, mailings, web hosting, design & maintenance, flyers and other promotional expenses).

Please fill out your application and make a reservation online through our secure server, by US Mail or by fax. Payment methods are: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Money Order or Check.

This fee is NOT part of your tuition, which you will pay upon arrival. You may pay your tuition in US Dollars, Guatemalan Quetzals or Traveler’s Checks.
When your application and fee have been received, you will receive an email confirmation of your reservation at the school. Please remember that simply requesting classes by email does not guarantee you a space in the school.

Your application MUST be accompanied by the registration fee.



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