Proyecto Español

ALC-PROYECTO ESPAÑOL, S.L. is an academic institution devoted to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. We have own schools located in Alicante (on the Costa Blanca), and in the city of Granada (Andalusia).

We have been organizing since 1998 Spanish courses for foreign students on all levels. The number of students that have visited our school has increased continuously during the years. And in 2005, a total of 1.300 students enrolled on our courses. This increase is primarily due to the recommendations of our former students and the trust of our worldwide partners.

Working in related fields like organising English and German courses, as well as language-trips for Spaniards, enables us to offer a culture and language exchange in our schools.

Besides the Spanish classes we facilitate the contact to Spaniards, to learn about the culture and to practice Spanish – on a private basis and at no additional cost.

Our schools are included in the book “Cursos de Lengua y Cultura para extranjeros en España”, which is annually published and updated by the Spanish Ministry of education and Culture.

Proyecto Español has the certificate of quality “Centro acreditado del Instituto Cervantes”.

Our courses are also accredited in Germany (in the states of Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Hessen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Rheinland- Pfalz) by the ministries of education as “Bildungsurlaub” and accepted by the Swedish government to receive Swedish students with state funded loans and grants to study abroad.
We offer as well the placement in Spanish companies to realize internships besides or in combination with our Spanish courses.

Our schools in Alicante as well as in Granada are located directly in the centre of the cities.
In all Schools the students have free access to internet and a library with spanish literature at theri disposal.

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