We are specialists in teaching Spanish to executives, professionals, university students, and, in general, anyone over the age of 20 who wishes to learn intensively and efficiently with professional teachers in a serious, but friendly and relaxed environment.

Situated in one of the most elegant and distinctive areas of Madrid, our school sits close to the famous Fountain of Cybele and on the very edge of the world renowned Art Triangle, comprising the Prado, Thyssen and Reina Sofía Art Museums, as well as being a mere stone’s throw from the busy centre of the city with its many bars, restaurants and theatres.

Our courses are designed for students who wish to progress quickly within a limited time frame which demands a high level of preparation from our teachers, ensuring clear learning objectives with varied exercises and support materials to enable the formation of the fundamental skills and concepts to grasp the language.

Our classes never exceed 6 students, which enables our teachers to pay particular attention to each student’s needs and demands, giving the necessary support and encouragement to enable the student’s creativity free reign.
Classes are based on a combination of:

· Grammar – providing fundamental concepts of the language.
· Conversation – on current concerns and themes.
· ‘Abanico’ Cultural Activities – these are cultural activities outside of the classroom which take the student into the very heart of Spanish life.
For those students who wish to make the most of their stay with Tilde, the school offers the following optional activities:

– Coffee & Current Affairs. This is an activity for warming up the morning that is open to all students who wish to take part and find out some of the major news items of the day. Our objective is to strike up conversation and discussion while enjoying a coffee before the classes begin. From 9 o’clock, Tuesday to Friday.
– Self Study. For those students who choose the BASE or REVISION I & II, the school offers, for a reasonable fee, the possibility of three extra classes per week for individualized study and practice. With the help of a tutor, the student will be able to reinforce those aspects of the language that need extra work through comprehension excercises, such as text reading or listening execises.
– Lunch With Teachers in small groups of 4 students. A perfect excuse to continue conversing in Spanish over ‘tapas’ or trying a typical ‘menu of the day’.

All of the courses given at TILDE include:
· A level test.
· Free course book & folder.
· Participation in the afternoon ‘Abanico’ cultural activities.
· “Coffee & Current Affairs” discussions about current affairs during the first hour from Tuesday to Friday.
· A study certificate at the end of the course.
· 2 teachers per group (one for grammar classes, one for conversation classes).
· Free access and use of books, audio-visual materials and computer terminals.

Foundation Course: (20 lessons per week)This course is recommended for students who wish to study in a group. The course consists of 4 lessons per day which are distributed between two blocks of 100 minutes; the first 100 minutes (divided into two 50 minute sessions) is a grammar class, and the second 100 minutes is a conversation class).
Foundation Course + 5: (25 lessons per week) In addition to the Foundation classes, the student receives a further 50 minute class of one-on-one teaching.

Foundation Course + 10: (30 lessons per week)
Recommended for students having a limited amount of time available, but who wish to make the very most of their study time. This course is a combination of the Foundation course with an additional 10 one-on-one lessons per week. Before beginning this course it might be useful for the student to tell us about their particular needs, interests and objectives in order to organise the classes effectively.


Spanish for Doctors
This course is entirely unique and created ‘in house’ by the staff of TILDE. It is aimed primarily at medical doctors, but other health professionals, such as nurses, auxiliaries etc., would undoubtedly benefit.

Business Spanish
Recommended for those who wish to work in Spain or who, perhaps, have the possibility of joining companies with commercial relations in the Spanish speaking business world.

Teacher Training
This course is recommended for teachers of Spanish who require a refresher course or for those who would like recommendations and ideas for exercises and class activities for their own Spanish teaching.
These courses are made to measure to the student’s requirements on a one-on-one basis of 10 to 20 lessons per week; this includes observational learning classes, but does not, however, include practise teaching.

Preparation for the D.E.L.E Examinations
These are individual classes given to students who wish to pass the Basic, Intermediate & Higher levels of the Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (D.E.L.E).

This course, that also includes a practice or ‘mock’ exam, can be combined with the Foundation Course.

General Revision Courses I, II
– Recommended for students who want to revise, or who need to refresh their knowledge.
– These courses take place on fixed dates every 3 months; March, June, September & December. Please check with the school for precise dates.
– These courses last one week and consist of 20 classes.
– Number of students: a minimum of 4, and a maximum of 8.

Revision I. The course is divided into grammar and conversation classes. The grammar classes will be a revision of the different forms of the past tenses, the Pretéritos Perfecto, Indefinido, Imperfecto and Pluscuamperfecto and their different uses. In parallel, the conversation classes will deal with different themes such as; customs, history or art, which will have the objective of putting into practice the grammatical knowledge learned and which will give the student an interesting cultural (insight) and knowledge.

Revision II. Grammar revision in the use of the Presente & Preterito Perfecto de Subjuntivo. How to express opinions, desires and wishes, make hypotheses and make recommendations are just some of the aspects dealt with at this level.


By pre-arrangement and agreement, Tilde offers ‘taylor-made’ courses to companies in the Madrid area for those of their employees and clients who need to learn Spanish. We have a qualified group of teachers available who are able to visit the student’s work-place, thus facilitating learning while maximising our client’s schedule.

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